RePurposed Tool Bin


Seth and I found this old wooden box . It was full of screws, bolts and random other metal stuff.
We cleaned it up and decided to display it in our kitchen.
Seth had the * brilliant* idea( said with my poor British accent) to store our abundance of tea bags inside.

Enjoy your weekend. Off to make a fresh cup of tea
Seth and Suzanne

Milk Paint Lessons Learned…. and Can I Keep It?

Really, I know this happens a lot, but I think it’s a good thing: Wanting to keep what I have painted.

It’s a sign to me, I’m being authentic to my style and I have some pride or confidence in the finished product.

chwhite The chipping to show the blue underneath.. That’s my favorite thing about milk paint.chwhite2 chwhite3 chwhite4 chwhite5 chwhite6 chwhite7 chwhite8 The top was stripped then dyed with General Finishes medium dye stain.  I then sealed it with 3 coats of Tung oilchwhite9

The lessons I learned from this piece

A.  Plane all the drawers before painting, sticky drawers are a serious pain in the rear

B. Painting white over dark old stain, remember to shellac or spray it with lacquer

C. When painting something dark, white or off-white, It is going to take more time than you want it too

Thanks for reading.


China Hutch LOVE – Before and After

I have a weakness for beds and china hutches.  I think they all need to come home with me.

I worked on 3 all at the same time (not the greatest idea.. I’m learning😉

Here is one of the three

grey china hutch
grey china hutch

The details just pop on this with the espresso burnishing paste. The entire piece was first sealed with low sheen burnishing paste, then I used the darker paste to highlight.ccwhite2Here is the ‘before’, a little dark and gloomy for my taste. 

before dark hutch
before dark hutch

This one I mixed 3 parts Parchment and 1 part French Grey. Real Milk Paint
The inside is 1 part Cobalt 5 parts White Milk Paint.
ccwhite4 ccwhite5 Check out the cool hinge for the storage IMG_4749ccwhite6ccwhite7Ribbon detail ‘before’:IMG_4750ccwhite8ccwhite9

Thanks for looking!

Beachy Buffet Before and After

To each his or her own when it comes to style. I tend to like super chippy distressed or just pulled out of a barn look. That is why I guess I like mlk paint so much. I like when it chips in random places. I don’t know if one can ever really duplicate a time worn piece, but for me using milk paint is my best shot at it.

beachy buffet
beachy buffet

I bought this yellow buffet at the local thrift store.. It was nice on it’s own.but I was feeling inspired to paint a beachy piece. Maybe that the rainy season is coming made me dream of the coast and white waves, bleached driftwood and sand.

before yellow buffet
before yellow buffet

I painted the whole piece with Navy RMP
It’s a true navy which was hard to photograph

I then white washed it using a technique of watering down the paint and using an old shirt to wipe the paint on then wipe it back off with a clean shirt. I hope to show a tutorial soon. A simple process but I think gives the most natural look.  I used some sandpaper to distress and chipped off the loose paint.

After that I sealed the whole thing with burnishing paste.. Which I love because I really detest waxing.

check out the stunning hardware. I always try to reuse the original hardware when I can.

a few more pictures.



SewZanne : Milk Paint Girl

Whispers of Pink Dresser Before & After

I bought this little dresser off Craigslist.  I like to pick up pieces that have details that can be highlighted with paint.

little dresser before
little dresser before

See the scroll-y part on the top. I knew with paint it would really stand out.
I wanted to paint a pink dresser, without it being an over the top princess pink. There are places for that, but for me, antique vintage dressers don’t scream PINK, they whisper pink.

The cool thing about painting anything, not just furniture.. It allows for me to express my style, my opinion, my creativity to shine. There is NO WRONG. I think that was a big hurdle for me at first in painting, I wanted to paint what I *thought* the customer wanted.Or what was cool, what was all over Pinterest etc. Truth is, I now paint what I envision.. I am letting go of the idea, that there is a right way.. The right way for me is the SewZanne way.
So here is the after, white with strong whispers of pink. ( Made the pink using sweetheart which is a really LOUD color mixed up, so this pink is 1 part pink to 8 parts white.

pink and white dresser
pink and white dresser


SOLD.. Celebrate with me

Sold.. The farm table today🙂  Yippeefarmtable2

Re-branding or starting a business, can be tough. I’ve definitely had moments of “stressed out and afraid” …(Hey, that could be a new reality TV show!)

A new location and adding inventory and selling milk paint.. (I do love milk paint.. Enough to build it into my identity, apparently, as I look up at my blog name…😉 While loving it, appreciating it and playing with it is one thing.. “Working it”, and learning to teach it and market the biz is sometimes…… another thing.  But, today I’m open and energized.

Celebrating some sales of furniture I’ve had in the last week or so. Focusing on the steps forward.

Sold this super chippy dresser.. I really like the dark top with the RMP cobalt blue and white chippy paint.. The knobs were some copper ones I picked up at a junk shop and patina’d with some turquoise rub N buff.  It always feels good and affirming when someone likes your creation enough to buy it.


Sold this dreamy dresser.. The RMP turquoise paint with the dark wax.. somehow it was a great combo of masculine and feminine.

Again the stained top and painted body.. my new style trend


Lastly I sold this black high chair to a woman for her grand-baby.. She said.. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy some plastic one.. She loved the fact that the paint and sealer were non toxic. Only the best for our grandkids.


Thanks for celebrating with me.. Have a great weekend

Farmhouse Table

I really love the farmhouse style table.. Maybe because I live on a farm.. or it may be the casual dinner feeling that the style invokes for me. I have a farmhouse table in my house. It’s beautifully made by an Amish community.  Many dinners, home schooling hours, crafts and card games have been etched into ours. [Literally.] So when I saw this table I was so excited to give it a new life.


I stripped and stained the top with a dark walnut gel stain. Honestly, I really don’t like working with gel stain. Every time I use it I remember why I don’t like it. The beauty of a stain on wood is the ability to see the wood grain. Gel stain is more like a paint on the wood, which is fine, but if I’m going to do that… I’ll just paint it! For now I’ll stick with my paint and walnut stains.

So after putting the stain on, Seth( Milk Paint Man) and I sanded it all back down so you could see the grain and knots in the wood and then sealed it with hemp oil ( Which I am going to be stocking soon!!!!!) [Yay, for hemp oil !].

The body, sides and legs are layered with parchment and white milk paint and then lightly distressed and sealed with hemp oil. I really love this stuff. It’s easy to use, no streaks, no buffing and water it’s resistant and eco-friendly.


What is Milk Paint???


Real Milk Paint
Real Milk Paint

• Real Milk Paint® is a versatile and easy to use, environmentally friendly, a non toxic paint. Made from 100% organic material…NO VOC’s..
• Does not contain radioactive Kaolin Clays as a filler
• Made of milk (yes milk), lime, and all natural filler (plant based)
• Leftover product can actually be spread on the lawn or garden!
• Virtually no odor and no residual odor after drying

• Comes in a powder form (like cake mix). Just add water and you have an authentic paint for antiques, furniture and crafts.
• Adheres best to raw wood, but can be used with ultra bond to adhere pre-painted, glass, metal, plaster, dry wall, stone, unsealed brick and concrete, and more.
• Can be easily distressed
• Can be made thinner to use as a color wash
• No Primer need on raw wood and porous surfaces
• Sticks to latex with the addition of Ultra Bond
• Easy to use, water-based formula
• Does not congeal to a blob
• Paint right on existing finishes for a peele, chippy or crackled surface
• Allows the character of wood to come through, instead of covering it all up.
Unique to milk paint is its ability to chip and flake off in random spots for a primitive, time worn or chippy look
• Environmentally friendly, non toxic paint
It is Made in the USA!

• Dries fast (30 minutes to 4 hours depending ambient temperature)
• Traditional color palette, based on antique painted furniture
• Colors that can be mixed with other colors for endless color options.

“…If you’re going to paint grandma’s old furniture, use the paint she would have used.“ MPG
Note: Real Milk Paint® will stick to oil base clear finishes and some painted surfaces but may cause a chippy, crackle or peele surface. If you want to get full adhesion than adding Ultra Bond is recommended
• *Remains useable for a minimum of two weeks after mixing with water.
o (prevents procrastination ;) according to me MPG


The Real Milk Paint.. uses the waste  to fertilize their lawns.. It’s a combo of the lime and milk that help..

How many paints can you do that with????.. Most have to be taken to the toxic waste department, not added back to the earth.

I’m blessed to be a part of a company that cares about this incredible gift of Creation..

Copied and Pasted from their Facebook Page:

“Want your grass to be nice & green? Just fertilize with Real Milk Paint !! The front part of the grass was spread with our waste milk paint powder about 3 weeks ago!”

Lawn fert
Lawn fert

SewZanne: Milk Paint Girl